Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Times vs Happy Feet

So last night I was graced by the presence of Lauren. I guess to help you further understand what I mean, I'll have to divulge a bit of my relationship, skipping the icky stuff (hollywood gives everyone enough of that stuff).

So as you read she and I met in class at Rutgers the Spring before I transferred to the bigger campus. We instantly hit it off and became great friends and, of course, more. Then the spring semester was coming to a close and we decided to keep it up. We knew it would be difficult to keep up a long distance relationship (as both our pasts already told us that) but looking at the glass half full we went ahead with it.

So onto now. She still is there and I'm up here. Which is about an hour commute if you don't count New Jersey traffic.

Basically now we see one another about once a week. Usually I will stay there or her here over night.

I digress.

She headed up here last night to hang out. We watched some 'How I Met Your Mother' (addicted to that show). She left this morning. Not much of a story now that I think about it.

Or maybe it is... She worked last night until 9:30, I had class at 10am this morning. How cool is it that my girlfriend, just to spend time with me, decided to make the trip just to watch a couple episodes of one of our fav TV shows and then fall asleep?

So anyway, I went to classes today (although I'm skipping one right now). And let me tell you why I initially wanted to start a blog:


To complain about everything that bothers me.

But I decided to include all of my life since just giving you the details of what annoys me would be sort-of boring and unfair to you. I mean, everyone has their own problems to deal with as well, right?

So let me throw a little something into the complaint dept.: To the guy with the dancing feet who decides it is important to sit behind me in every single solitary class that I take this semester, STOP. Thats it. The big thing that is driving me insane today, some guy tapping his feet in a non-rhythmic beat. Don't get me wrong I get the shaking leg thing and all that, but this is something where he decides to tap both feet, and smack his knees while doing it. As if he is listening to an iPod. Seriously?

Ok done with that.

So now I am skipping my other class. "Why?", you might ask...

Because. First, I felt like it. Second, I am going to the gym. So it isn't like I'm not being productive or anything. Haha, whatever helps me sleep at night I guess.

So thats it for now I think. I might add something later on tonight while I'm putting off homework.

Thanks for reading, 

- Jordan

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