Thursday, November 4, 2010

Be your own Superstar.

So today I got on my computer, opened safari, and just like I always do I checked the headlines. Why I even bother each day is completely unknown since I always end up feeling more disgusted rather than informed. As I looked through the list of top five number one struck me a little odd:

Kanye says he understands George Bush's 'disgust'

Now I must say I'm not that big of a politician, I don't get into the whole thing all the time. However, I do vote. I firmly believe in the ideals that this country was founded (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) and strongly feel that the government's sole purpose is to be for the people and by the people.

That being said, you won't find this blog to be very political. I won't ever encourage you to vote one sided or another, in addition I won't ever be one sided or the other. In fact, I'm not one sided or the other. I believe that the reason our system is flawed is because it is always black or white. When will people wake up and see that the world is more than that? But enough about that.

The point I am making now is that under the CNN article is comments about the article which I was very reluctant to read. With much anticipation I was quite happy actually with the turnout.

Let me put it this way:

Screw Kanye. I get a bad taste in my mouth when I think of anyone "idolizing" these singers, rappers, movie stars, etc. Don't get me wrong you can clearly see that I love movies and music; but I don't get why we place so much importance on the actors and singers and bands in them.

I'll ask a single question, just hypothetically:

What has Kanye ever done that he thinks he can call out the president of the United States?

You now may be thinking, "Didn't he just say government is for the people and all that nonsense?". Yes I did. I agree Kanye can question Bush's motives all he wants, and he is allowed to say, hey I don't think he was being just in doing that. I could go back and forth talking for each of them for hours.

In the end, I think the final words would be from G.W.B. and would say, "Well Kanye you inspire people, you write music and make millions of dollars. You're a rich man with an ample amount of power. Doesn't that give you as much ability to help the people. So Mr. West, what have you done to help America lately?"

Let me conclude this by adding, I'm no fan of Bush. In fact, I liked Clinton and I think in regards to what he did as a president (ignore the private social stuff because in the end his actions AS A POLICY MAKER were what really counted) was truly useful for America.

But I don't hate Bush either. Given the time and circumstances I think he did the best he could for the country. I still feel in the aftermath of 9/11 the people were angry and thirsty for blood. They wanted to know that the government was doing something to avenge the deaths and protect the people. Bush gave them that satisfaction. What would have happened if he didn't ask congress for war?

Like I said in the beginning this isn't to start a conflict or debate. I have my opinion and I'm not trying to impress it on you.

However, in the Bush vs Kanye conflict: Chalk up a win for Bush. A true American who doesn't do anything in his power to look good and put other people down. Kanye, look in the mirror and realize you are just a jerk with a bad attitude.

But most importantly: Why was this the number one news feed?

The general public. America today is more infatuated by The Jersey Shore and Kanye embarrassing Taylor Swift than to look out the window and ask themselves, "What have I done for America today?"

Too high a standard?

Then lets start with, "What good have I done for ANYONE today?".

When you answer yes, you will be your own superstar. Then you'll realize all the rest were frauds.

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Times vs Happy Feet

So last night I was graced by the presence of Lauren. I guess to help you further understand what I mean, I'll have to divulge a bit of my relationship, skipping the icky stuff (hollywood gives everyone enough of that stuff).

So as you read she and I met in class at Rutgers the Spring before I transferred to the bigger campus. We instantly hit it off and became great friends and, of course, more. Then the spring semester was coming to a close and we decided to keep it up. We knew it would be difficult to keep up a long distance relationship (as both our pasts already told us that) but looking at the glass half full we went ahead with it.

So onto now. She still is there and I'm up here. Which is about an hour commute if you don't count New Jersey traffic.

Basically now we see one another about once a week. Usually I will stay there or her here over night.

I digress.

She headed up here last night to hang out. We watched some 'How I Met Your Mother' (addicted to that show). She left this morning. Not much of a story now that I think about it.

Or maybe it is... She worked last night until 9:30, I had class at 10am this morning. How cool is it that my girlfriend, just to spend time with me, decided to make the trip just to watch a couple episodes of one of our fav TV shows and then fall asleep?

So anyway, I went to classes today (although I'm skipping one right now). And let me tell you why I initially wanted to start a blog:


To complain about everything that bothers me.

But I decided to include all of my life since just giving you the details of what annoys me would be sort-of boring and unfair to you. I mean, everyone has their own problems to deal with as well, right?

So let me throw a little something into the complaint dept.: To the guy with the dancing feet who decides it is important to sit behind me in every single solitary class that I take this semester, STOP. Thats it. The big thing that is driving me insane today, some guy tapping his feet in a non-rhythmic beat. Don't get me wrong I get the shaking leg thing and all that, but this is something where he decides to tap both feet, and smack his knees while doing it. As if he is listening to an iPod. Seriously?

Ok done with that.

So now I am skipping my other class. "Why?", you might ask...

Because. First, I felt like it. Second, I am going to the gym. So it isn't like I'm not being productive or anything. Haha, whatever helps me sleep at night I guess.

So thats it for now I think. I might add something later on tonight while I'm putting off homework.

Thanks for reading, 

- Jordan

Monday, November 1, 2010


So this is my first post of many (*fingers crossed*). I'm not sure today what to write about or talk about so I decided (like the pilot of a new TV show) to introduce the main characters.

First of course is me.

My name is Jordan and I'm a student in college. I go to Rutgers University in New Jersey. I've lived in South Jersey in the same house all my life. Currently, I rent an off campus house in Piscataway with a few guys. I am in the aerospace engineering program here and I'm also finishing a physics major. I'll be sure to mention all of this quite frequently since it consumes my life!

Next, I was going to segue into the roommates but there is someone more important than that first. 


Lauren is my girlfriend. We met in Rutgers Camden (I spent my freshman and sophomore years there and then transferred to the main campus). We started dating in February of our sophomore year. We are pretty much awesome together and have been so since the beginning.


One of the next most important. Corey is my best friend since high school. We played football together and basically started doing everything together. He recently made a few big decisions in his life and I will try to remember to write about that in the future since it will be pretty much a big deal.

Cody, David, John-

My current roommates. Cody is a pharmacy major. David and John are also Mechanical Engineers. Cody, David and I (along with Aaron who I am sure will come up at some point) all met our freshman year at RU Camden and continued to live together through college. 

Sean and Aaron both lived with Cody, David and I since we first rented off-campus. They graduated this past year.

Some very important people:

I'm the youngest of four with a single mom but a semi-big family-

I have a sister Valerie, and two brothers, Jesse and Joe. My brother Joe has two kids - my niece Jailyn and nephew Joey. We are all very close and have been my whole life.

I also have a cousin/best friend named Zach who is almost an entire year older than me. We grew up doing everything together and are very alike. Whenever you get myself, him and Jesse together you know a good time is coming. Zach has three sisters: Brittany, Heather and Sarah.

Everyone else I guess you'll meet along the way!

Thanks for reading and come back soon,