Thursday, November 4, 2010

Be your own Superstar.

So today I got on my computer, opened safari, and just like I always do I checked the headlines. Why I even bother each day is completely unknown since I always end up feeling more disgusted rather than informed. As I looked through the list of top five number one struck me a little odd:

Kanye says he understands George Bush's 'disgust'

Now I must say I'm not that big of a politician, I don't get into the whole thing all the time. However, I do vote. I firmly believe in the ideals that this country was founded (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) and strongly feel that the government's sole purpose is to be for the people and by the people.

That being said, you won't find this blog to be very political. I won't ever encourage you to vote one sided or another, in addition I won't ever be one sided or the other. In fact, I'm not one sided or the other. I believe that the reason our system is flawed is because it is always black or white. When will people wake up and see that the world is more than that? But enough about that.

The point I am making now is that under the CNN article is comments about the article which I was very reluctant to read. With much anticipation I was quite happy actually with the turnout.

Let me put it this way:

Screw Kanye. I get a bad taste in my mouth when I think of anyone "idolizing" these singers, rappers, movie stars, etc. Don't get me wrong you can clearly see that I love movies and music; but I don't get why we place so much importance on the actors and singers and bands in them.

I'll ask a single question, just hypothetically:

What has Kanye ever done that he thinks he can call out the president of the United States?

You now may be thinking, "Didn't he just say government is for the people and all that nonsense?". Yes I did. I agree Kanye can question Bush's motives all he wants, and he is allowed to say, hey I don't think he was being just in doing that. I could go back and forth talking for each of them for hours.

In the end, I think the final words would be from G.W.B. and would say, "Well Kanye you inspire people, you write music and make millions of dollars. You're a rich man with an ample amount of power. Doesn't that give you as much ability to help the people. So Mr. West, what have you done to help America lately?"

Let me conclude this by adding, I'm no fan of Bush. In fact, I liked Clinton and I think in regards to what he did as a president (ignore the private social stuff because in the end his actions AS A POLICY MAKER were what really counted) was truly useful for America.

But I don't hate Bush either. Given the time and circumstances I think he did the best he could for the country. I still feel in the aftermath of 9/11 the people were angry and thirsty for blood. They wanted to know that the government was doing something to avenge the deaths and protect the people. Bush gave them that satisfaction. What would have happened if he didn't ask congress for war?

Like I said in the beginning this isn't to start a conflict or debate. I have my opinion and I'm not trying to impress it on you.

However, in the Bush vs Kanye conflict: Chalk up a win for Bush. A true American who doesn't do anything in his power to look good and put other people down. Kanye, look in the mirror and realize you are just a jerk with a bad attitude.

But most importantly: Why was this the number one news feed?

The general public. America today is more infatuated by The Jersey Shore and Kanye embarrassing Taylor Swift than to look out the window and ask themselves, "What have I done for America today?"

Too high a standard?

Then lets start with, "What good have I done for ANYONE today?".

When you answer yes, you will be your own superstar. Then you'll realize all the rest were frauds.

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