Monday, November 1, 2010


So this is my first post of many (*fingers crossed*). I'm not sure today what to write about or talk about so I decided (like the pilot of a new TV show) to introduce the main characters.

First of course is me.

My name is Jordan and I'm a student in college. I go to Rutgers University in New Jersey. I've lived in South Jersey in the same house all my life. Currently, I rent an off campus house in Piscataway with a few guys. I am in the aerospace engineering program here and I'm also finishing a physics major. I'll be sure to mention all of this quite frequently since it consumes my life!

Next, I was going to segue into the roommates but there is someone more important than that first. 


Lauren is my girlfriend. We met in Rutgers Camden (I spent my freshman and sophomore years there and then transferred to the main campus). We started dating in February of our sophomore year. We are pretty much awesome together and have been so since the beginning.


One of the next most important. Corey is my best friend since high school. We played football together and basically started doing everything together. He recently made a few big decisions in his life and I will try to remember to write about that in the future since it will be pretty much a big deal.

Cody, David, John-

My current roommates. Cody is a pharmacy major. David and John are also Mechanical Engineers. Cody, David and I (along with Aaron who I am sure will come up at some point) all met our freshman year at RU Camden and continued to live together through college. 

Sean and Aaron both lived with Cody, David and I since we first rented off-campus. They graduated this past year.

Some very important people:

I'm the youngest of four with a single mom but a semi-big family-

I have a sister Valerie, and two brothers, Jesse and Joe. My brother Joe has two kids - my niece Jailyn and nephew Joey. We are all very close and have been my whole life.

I also have a cousin/best friend named Zach who is almost an entire year older than me. We grew up doing everything together and are very alike. Whenever you get myself, him and Jesse together you know a good time is coming. Zach has three sisters: Brittany, Heather and Sarah.

Everyone else I guess you'll meet along the way!

Thanks for reading and come back soon,


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